2017_08_19 (Thursday work day cancelled) Friday

2017_08_19  Al's back from sunny Queensland But Thursday was cancelled account Ausnet Power shut down account maintenance on our lines.

So we moved it to Friday and it extended into Saturday!

Friday became a bit of a catch up day, working on an Auscision Walker Rail Motor and playing with Al's B Class and plain catching up after Al,s trip up north. And of cause sausage rolls!

Saturday Graeme arrived to work on his scenery project and Al continued to fix the track up in Trentham.

I struggled with my revers loop sections (still) Cant work out why reconstructing the track sections as instructed by Tam Valley has not fixed the problem.......
Some pictures...

Auscision B Class showing the metal grill warping. Its only glued on and this system, just does not work. Removing grills can cause problems. Paint sticks and chunks can pull off with grills. Many folk just super glue them back on, pushing them back into place. However I have seen many glue stains. So how to do it so it looks ok?

Decided to use a knife blade...

Ran a bead of glue along edge of blade.

and dragged blade back, depositing glue on inside of screen. Then pressed a strip of wood up against grill for a few minutes till glue dried. Sparce application of glue helped not to squeeze glue outside mesh and foul the job.

Its not perfect, however it looks better now.

My biggest head aches are caused by here and here...

 The island reverse loop which just will not work for me. Despite following instructions, I cannot get the dual frog juicers to operate as advertised.

All wired up and track connected. However electrically, not working... still!!

The second area of problems, is Trentham yard, and Al came to my rescue here on Sunday starting to put it all together for me.

What happens when you get a short that does not trip the command station?

A Locomotive was slowly moving in notch 1 out of sight. The loco shorted out, tripping the command station. The circuit reset and held, slowly heating up the loco/, and when I tried to move it later, it was seized up. Put it aside and after Al left I pulled it down to see what was the problem.

Axle and gears all melted (welded?) in place.

You can see the bronze bush has fallen into space between metal frame and is touching wheel creating the short.

I have spare flex coil bogies. Unfortunately, this is a welded plate bogie, which I do not have any of. So I am hoping Trainorama might have a spare? The flex coil I have is an Austrains X which I thought was interchangeable. It almost is, except the locating hole in the chassis is smaller than the pin in the bogie, making loco sit 3 mils higher than it should. I can drill it out, but not till I see if I can find a welded plate version.

The keeper plate is destroyed, although the side frame is ok. So maybe I can interchange it with a Trainorama Flexcoil if I can get one of those?

Please note. I am in no way blaming the fine folk at Trainorama for this "accident"   One of the main reasons I am working so hard on my rewire project is to stop things like this from happening.
Should you use tail lamp globes for circuit protection? Well you be the judge. I have now lost three engines like this, and I am replacing globes as quickly as I can afford to.

Graeme's mountain is spreading South!

The cutting is formed up from Wodonga and over House Creek.

More work at House Creek.


 Uncle Ben's or Kelly Street end. Need to mark out the crossing here.

Near the Stock Race towards South Street and the head shunt.

And that's a real step forward. My job is to glue the towels all over it, now to form a touch base for the ground cover. Just noticed I have forgotten to prepare Kelly Street crossing. Must check that out.

Al has graciously taken on Trentham. He can be made to cast a few oaths, standing on his stool, and dealing with the problems of laying Shinohara or Micro Engineering code 70 track. Ash him if its is correctly called "flexy track" Ha Ha!

Thats better. We will remove this new track and treat the surface of the caneite with the same gap filla we used at Bullarto, to give track a base and allow the nails to hold the track down securely. Have to try and do that before Thursday.

Al tried to save the original track along the platform, however the hand made point was too brittle and came apart. So he cleaned it all back, and he can fit a new point and track in next time.

He lays nice track, and it works very well. Thanks mate :D


2017_08_10 Sound installs

2017_08_10 I better finish off Al's B Class!

Most of work is done. Everything fits and its neat enough. Only problem is the headlight wasn't working. In the finish I asked Mike and was referred to his installation page on the B Class.
You need to get rid of switch to install speaker in tank. The switch turns off the headlights...and so you need to short out the wires to the switch...duh!!

Some pictures. Again I did not check them as I went, and the dreaded blur is coming back again :(


The yellow tape on right holds down excess wiring, but in the middle is a white plug that I disconnected the switch in the fuel tank from. This switch leaves number lights and marker lights on, but turns off the headlight. I should have shorted out that plug, to turn on the headlights

 The switch wires are soldered to the speaker wires on chip, taped top of old switch.

Ok tape chip in place as low as I could snuggle it down. It sits on top of 8 pin plug though.

Siliconed speaker to inside of styrene lid for fuel tank and glued lid in place.

Soldered speaker wires to old switch wires and pushed wiring back into diesel body. Then blackened styrene inserts and screwed tank back onto body.

Attach couplings and test it all works....

Click here to watch video of Al's B Class



2017_08_05 Sound Scenery!

2017_08_05 A new sound project and more scenery.

Trainbuilder Walker 153hp.

Decided to fit a DCC Sounds as they recorded the Walker at healesville. Nice sounds.

Could not get camera to focus. :(  Not sure what is going wrong here.

 Cut away  shrink wrap

Remove 8 pin dummy plug.and replace with ESU Loksound mini 8 pin plug.

 fit decoder and tape everything inside guards compartment. Unfortunately to make room, you need to remove weight and internal walls.

 I made a false floor by duplicating the dimensions of the old floor.

Then just reverse the sequence and put it all back together .

More Scenery. Finishing off the Mountain

This is a special mix we bought from an artist store. Think its called "Sculpt It"  by Educational models P/L Bayswater.  Mix it with water and spread it on when it looks like this thick paste.

 A bit damp?  Throw some more in.

With shaped spatulas start smoothing out the surface and fill in the bigger gaps.

Keep spreading it, but leave the gaps in the rock molds.

 Filling the gaps between the rock moldings with plaster

Laying a surface on the baseboard, to allow shaping of roads, gutters and the shallow stream under the lines.

And that was at least 5 hours work, Now back to my wiring and replacing that track, near the tunnel..
The good news is that I tested the wiring and got the reverse sections to work. When the wires are soldered on, and track replaced, the BG track will be continuous and all working.

SG still has a little way to go. Too bloody cold (still!!)


EDIT Look at these pictures of the new Helix.  sent to me today :D

The top of the donut is used to carry the BG Terminus Station out of Honeysuckle. Its a Return Loop back to Honeysuckle. Probably be a terminus station, end of line, during .timetabled sessions.

Each leg between the donuts, is a measured distance apart. This means we attach blocks to support track bed as it winds up at 1.8% gradient. The blocks are placed to allow super elevation, and so reduce drag up the hill.

The track bed will spiral from bottom out of Albury Station. to top level (20cm below top donut) and exit out along wall to return towards Honeysuckle and enter other half of room.
The inside of bottom level has room for a return loop back into Albury, to turn trains and or store them, till they head back in the opposite direction.
What do you think?


2017_08_04 A video

2017_08_04  Playing around with video edits

Well not a great video, however its a start.
I can now run BG and SG trains from the new section of layout in other part of room, near honeysuckle to the bottom, via the old helix. Its a start on editing, I guess, just something to fill cold evenings in with.

Still cold. Spent an hour in shed, managed to get the Walker 153 running, but thats all.


2017_07_30 Scenery day!

2017_07_30  Graeme tries his hand with rock molds!

Whilst Graeme was carving out and gluing in rock faces, I installed the Wodonga head shunt and played around with wiring .
During the last week I have ordered 7 new Loksounds and installed three in S Class' received recently from Trainorama

My new helix is being built in Kilmore East, and a site survey is scheduled for Tuesday.

In addition to the 3 S Class decoders,I ordered 3 B Class decoders as well as one for the Walker 153.
I need one to finish Al's B Class (before he returns)
Lets see Saturdays pictures...

 Turned out harder than I thought. Where I joined on the additional track had droppers soldered on preventing fitting rail joiners. I had already pre-cut track, so I had to cut away the soldered end, clean and add fish plates. Meant track is short, but can be disguised with buffer stops, I guess.

In reality, only one head shunt, however I get my cutting, and a little more storage for wagons.

Making mountains.

 Initially Graeme matches rocks up, checks on clearances and using water based liquid nails, fixes it all in place

Fixed down, just needs filling in between the moldings.

Unfortunately water based nails is about double the price, but it makes the work a lot easier.

If you cant get an easy fix, just break ends off and fit it in place. We can fill in the holes later and match them in with a sculpting knife.

It really is easy, but Graeme has an artists eye. Wait till you see it filled and painted :D

So here are some more hardening up in the Woodland Scenics Molds for next time.

I forgot the mix already, I think it was 600ml of warm water (to help with mixing it up) into 1 kilo of plaster., which filled these 5 moldings.
Well that's about all I have.
On Tuesday my Helix gets a site survey and exciting times ahead.